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Board of directors

The Board of Directors of the Conseil de gestion de l’assurance parentale has 9 members, 7 of whom are independent members representing the various categories of QPIP contributors. The independent members are appointed by Cabinet, after consulting with bodies representing unionized, non-unionized and self-employed workers and with organizations representing employers and women. The 2 other members represent the government.

As Plan manager and trustee of the Parental Insurance Fund, the Board of Directors:

  • approves strategies and policies regarding parental insurance
  • adopts Plan regulations
  • sets contribution rates
  • establishes the Conseil’s general policies and strategic objectives
  • approves Fund budget forecasts, plans of action and management reports
  • adopts the budgets and financial statements of the Conseil and Fund.

Code d’éthique et de déontologie (Available in French only, PDF, 37 Ko)

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Last update: 2015-11-30

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