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Business model

The Québec Parental Insurance Plan’s business model is based on the division of responsibilities between a number of stakeholders, as set out in the Act respecting parental insurance. Administrative agreements signed by the Conseil and various government departments and organizations make it possible to take full advantage of the available resources and achieve a high level of efficiency while respecting the respective roles of each party. The table below shows the responsibilities of the Conseil’s partners in regard to Plan administration.

Partner Responsability
Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale

Provides direct client services
Pays benefits
Recovers any amounts owing
Handles communications with beneficiaries

Revenu Québec Oversees tax treatment of the Plan
Collects premiums*
Handles communications with employers
Caisse de dépôt et placement Manages Parental Insurance Fund investments in keeping with the Conseil’s investment policy
Ministère des Finances Signs agreements with banks and other financial institutions regarding the payment of benefits

* The Conseil reimburses Revenu Québec for the cost of collecting premiums for the Québec Parental Insurance Plan, whether related to human, physical or information resources.

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Last update: 2016-01-29

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