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Organizational Structure

The Conseil's office is staffed by a small multidisciplinary team that carries out the day-to-day tasks involved in managing the Plan and Parental Insurance Fund.

Organizational chart (available in French only) (PDF, 923 KB)

Brigitte Thériault – President-Executive Director
Telephone: 418-643-1018

Ariane Percheron – Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 418-643-1052

Claudia Giguère – Secretary General and Director of Plan Supervision, Interim
Telephone: 418-528-9406

Nicholas-James Clavet – Recherche
Telephone: 418-644-1422

Claudia Biron – Comptabilité et gestion financière
Telephone: 418-643-4481

Geneviève Parent – Comptabilité et gestion financière
Telephone: 418-644-9834

Marie-Josée Dutil – Actuariat
Telephone: 418-646-4226

Claudia Giguère – Bureau de l'actuaire en chef
Telephone: 418-528-9406

Stéphan Mercier – Performance et communications
Telephone: 418-646-3016

Shadi J. Wazen – Affaires juridiques
Telephone: 418-528-1608

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Last update: 2018-10-17

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