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Parental Insurance Fund

The Conseil plays a key role in regard to funding of the Québec Parental Insurance Plan. The QPIP is financed by means of an extra-budgetary fund, the Parental Insurance Fund, into which the premiums received from salaried workers, self-employed workers and employers are paid.

The Conseil has set itself the strategic objective of ensuring that the Plan is funded in a stable and reliable manner. The premiums collected by Revenu Québec are its main source of funding. The Conseil is also the body in charge of setting the Plan’s premium rates every year by regulation and securing government approval.

To ensure that it is able to fulfil its responsibilities, make well-informed decisions and act accountably, the Conseil has put in place a funding policy that sets out its guidelines and strategies regarding the QPIP. The Conseil has also adopted an investment policy in keeping with its obligations under the Act respecting parental insurance as well as a comprehensive risk management policy.

For more information on the Conseil and Parental Insurance Fund:

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Last update: 2014-10-23

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